World's first fully automated dissolution system with clip on/off capability. Advanced dissolution automation is built around world’s leading dissolution system – Agilent 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus and Agilent 850-DS Dissolution Sampling Station and optional filtration module.


Advanced automation is performed with help of latest technology in collaborative robotics. Clip on-off capability gives users possibility to extend their working cycles on existing dissolution systems. There is no interference in dissolution process and clip-on procedure takes less than a minute. DissoBOT® system takes over the control of dissolution apparatus and sampling station.

Advanced dissolution automation technology of dissoBOT® performs fully automated sequential cycles of cleaning, media dispensing and introduction of new dosage forms to the dissolution apparatus.

  • Cleaning cycle is performed in two sequential steps. First step is cleaning of paddles/basket shafts, evaporation covers and probes with hi-pressure nozzle. Second step performs cleaning procedure and waste removal from vessels. Different cleaning cycles can be performed.
  • Media dispensing is done with unique dissoDOSE® technology. Fast, reliable and accurate volume dispensing is performed with direct volume measurement. Different speeds of pumping can be set to minimize influence on foaming and degassed media.
  • Samples introduction is performed with easy to use sample holder. 8 x 6 samples are individually stored on exact positions. For Apparatus 2 (paddles) configuration samples (dosage forms) are presented directly on DDM (Dosage Delivery Module) of Dissolution Apparatus 708-DS.

When dissoBOT® takes care of cleaning, media dispensing and dosage forms introduction it is time for a dissolution process. The Dosage Delivery Module (DDM) is activated automatically. Dissolution itself is performed with standard 708-DS Dissolution Apparatus that features a smooth-operating, motorized lift for reproducibility and integration with automated systems. Sampling is performed with automated sampling manifold using the 850-DS Dissolution Sampling Station and optional filtration module. System collects samples into test tubes, HPLC vials or well plates for subsequent analysis. Temperature monitoring is performed with precise invessel monitoring AutoTemp. The individual vessel values may be documented initially, at each pre-programmed time point, and after the test has concluded.

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dissoBOT specifications
Suitable for methodsApparatus 2 (paddles) and Apparatus 1 (baskets)
Media typesCompatible with all typical dissolution media containing surfactants
Number of working positions Up to 6 vessels
Number of samplesUp to 8 batches of 6 samples
Number of sampling pointsUp to 16
Internal rinse container47 l (12.4 gal)
Internal media container47 l (12.4 gal)
External waste container100 l (26.4 gal) - optional
External rinse connectionOptional
External media connectionOptional
Filtration optionsCannula filters: 10, 35 and 70 μm
Filter plates: 0.45 μm
Media replacement Standard, up to 100% of sample removed
Sampling accuracy 10 mL ± 2.5%
Sample volume per vial/tube 0.1-14 mL (up to 28 mL with dual sample)
Sample frequency Method specific with minimum of 2 minutes
Evaporation Less than 1% evaporative loss under specific conditions
Water bath Temperature Range Probe Accuracy Ambient +5 to 55 °C ±0.1 ºC
Spindle Speed Range Speed10-250 RPM ±1% over 25 RPM
Accuracy Speed Selection±2% 10-25 RPM
Spindle shaft materialStainless steel
Dissolution drive unit lift Motorized drive
Dissolution bath featuresDosage Delivery Module (DDM), Autosampling, AutoTemp
Media dispense principleVolumetric media dispance with dissoDOSE® technology
Media dispense accuracy<1% (range from 400ml to 1000ml dispense)
Operating environment 5 to 40 °C
Humidity (non-condensing)Not more than 80% RH
dissoBOT®Operating Height: 150 cm
Advanced Dissolution Automation ModuleOperating Width: 150 cm
Operating Depth: 70 cm
Weight: 50 kg machine dry
708-DS Width: 62.2 cm
Dissolution apparatusOperating Height: 67.95 cm
Clearance Height: 99.06 cm
Depth: 59 cm
Weight 54.4 kg machine dry
with vessels and paddles
850-DS Height: 40.0 cm
Dissolution Sampling StationHeight with filter module: 60 cm
Width: 39.0 cm
Width with filter waste bin: 48.0 cm
Depth: 60.0 cm
Weight: 27 kg