How do you handle your media?

Portable, battery powered, easy-to-use and compact, the dissoDose's unique concept allows accurate volumetric dispense of dissolution media directly where you need it – directly into installed dissolution vessels.

Dispense of media in performed in less than 8 seconds (500ml) or less than 12 seconds (900ml) while offering tight controls over dispensed volume.

dissoDose® intuitive user interface allows the user to track different media, users and dissolution systems. Optional report can be printed.

Speed of dossing can be adjusted. Setting it to low allows the user to dispense foaming medias.



  • Volumetric media dispense with
  • accuracy < 1% for 900ml dispense.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Battery powered, portable unit.
  • Easy cleaning procedure

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ProductMerel dissoDose®
FunctionsPortable volumetric media dosing
Pharmacopeia conformanceUSP, EP, JP
Control4.3'' RGB TFT LCD Capacitive touch Screen
Time needed to dispense 500ml< 8 seconds
Time needed to dispense 900ml< 12 seconds
Dosing volume, accuracy< 1%
Dimensions (height x width, depth)215 x 225 x 225 mm
3.5 kg
Power supply115V – 230 V, 1.3 A
Power consumptionMax. 90 W
Compatible with all dissolution apparatuses.