The basic model is a simple recorder. With some unique features such as motion detector and LED illumination it is able to record good quality videos for six vessels. With optional easy to install light shield around the bath and adaptive LED illumination it is an ideal system for applications that are visible light sensitive. After the recording is taken the user is able to pinpoint and mark individual stages of the dissolution procedure. Because of the unique cameras position different operations are well visible (tablets drop or baskets immersion, sampling cannula or temperature probe immersion). The timing of different events can be determined down to seconds.

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The first dissolution surveillance system.

With a unique design and powerful software the dissoGUARD® is a dissolution surveillance system that will revolutionize the way you see the dissolution procedure. With cameras placed underneath a dissolution bath the user is not only able to see and store real time videos, export pictures or complete videos for future analyses, but we also took a step forward. For the first time, the user is able to measure or predict different physical parameters of their dissolution apparatus. With different algorithms the software can evaluate the wobble and measure RPM, determine the proper center alignment of individual shafts, and much more. Through the various stages of dissolution procedure it is possible to evaluate the proper position of dosage forms, timing and position of sampling cannulas, behavior of particles in vessels, etc. This product is not meant to be a qualification tool but it can dramatically improve the control over your dissolution apparatus. It can guard your dissolution procedure before and during every single run preventing you from having questions like:


Do YOU know, what is happening with your Dissolution Apparatus between periodical OQ/MQs?

What do YOU do if periodical OQ/MQ fails?

Were the timings and position of manual sampling correct?

Were baskets placed properly in the last run?

How to use RPM measurements (available only in dissoGUARD® PRO)?

By clicking and activating the RPM button, the measurement of rotation per minute (RPM) will be activated and the user will notice a RPM: written in all positions. The measurement of RPM only works with stainless steel paddles and is measured for each individual paddle separately. If the baskets are used, the function is still active on systems equipped with the optional 7th camera. In this case, the paddle should be fitted in position 7 of the dissolution, and consequently the RPM measurement is only active in position 7.

How to use Wobble detection function (available only in dissoGUARD® PRO)?

The Wobble detection function is a simple but very effective way to quickly determine the excessive wobble of an individual basket or paddle. Once the function is activated, the linear video of a basket/paddle rim will be displayed on the bottom of every video. When the paddle or basket is rotating, the wobble will be shown as a wave in the linear video. For wobble close to 0mm, the user should see a flat line of a rim. The height of a linear video should be set to represent a total of 2mm of actual video size. That means that once the wobble is near the upper limit, the rim will touch or exceed the linear video. That gives the user information that the wobble might be excessive.

How to predict inappropriate height of paddles/baskets (available only in dissoGUARD® PRO)?

The Wobble function is also very sensitive to the appropriate height of paddles/baskets. If you are not able to see a rim of the paddle or the basket in the linear video (or if it shifted from the center of the linear video), that means the height is misaligned. Recheck the height of paddles or baskets.

How to use Motion detection function (available only in dissoGUARD® PRO)?

By clicking and activating the Motion function, you will notice the red/green dot in the upper left corner of an individual position. The main purpose of Motion detection function is to detect the sudden stop of one or more paddles/baskets. If that happens during the run and the recording is active, the red dot will be displayed in the playback panel. The red dot represents the Error in the playback panel. The function will also detect the end of a run.

Setting and using the Center option (available only in dissoGUARD® PRO)?

By clicking and activating the Center button, the center grid lines and center circle is displayed with individual videos. If the function is activated, it will also be recorded to the video stream. The selection of Apparatus 1 (baskets) or Apparatus 2 (paddles) also has an effect on the Center function. The difference is in the radius of the center circle. The circle should fit to the paddle shaft diameter or basket rim.

Do you need a PC with the dissoGUARD?

Yes, the dissoGUARD is controlled with dedicated software. It has to be a desktop PC fitted with interface FireWire cards (provided with the dissoGUARD). For additional information, please, contact your local provider.

How far away can PC be from a dissoGUARD?

The length of cables that is provided with the dissoGUARD is 3m (10ft). With additional cable extension kit, the distance can be extended to 10m (33ft).

Is there an Installation Qualification (IQ) protocol available for the dissoGUARD?

YES. We provide an Installation Qualification (IQ) document that covers the installation of software and hardware equipment.

Can the dissoGUARD be used for qualification of the dissolution (OQ, EMQ)?

NO. The purpose of measurements of all physical parameters is for control purposes only. All measurements (RPM, wobble and shaft center) are only meant to be an assistance to the user. Because it is fast and efficient, the evaluation of some physical parameters can be done daily or before each dissolution run. If the user suspects an error, Qualification procedure is advised with qualified measuring equipment.

Does the dissoGUARD need a qualification (OQ)?

NO. No data is recorded. Values can be seen on recorded video itself for check purposes only. That is why we do not provide an OQ documentation or procedure for the dissoGUARD.

  • Agilent Technologies 708-DS, 709-DS
  • Hanson Vision Classic 6, Vision Elite 8, SR-8
  • For other models please contact us.